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If you need to sell your car fast, Cash for Cars San Francisco is your best bet. This reputable and reliable vehicle buying company has been in the “we buy cars” business for years. And, we also purchase cars not quite up to par—even those broken down or wrecked.

When private individual attempts to sell their car, it can be a hassle and a lot can go wrong including:

Where to advertise – You could place an ad in one of the many trade publications but do you really know the total reach of your ad? If the ad doesn’t reach anyone, don’t expect a fast sale.

Internet auctions – If you choose an online auction format to sell your car even if a seller is ranked high or a favored buyer from the ratings they receive, how trustworthy are those ratings? Very often, interested buyers want to go outside of the auction and will email you and tell you they’ll buy right now but only if you lower the price.

Local buyers – So many car owners think they can get the best price locally when in fact they aren’t prepared to deal with a tough customer that may find lots of things wrong with the car when they see it. They may even bring along their “mechanic” who offers up all sorts of dilemmas with the car to get you to agree sell the car at price much lower than what you really wanted.

Used Car Lot Venues – In every city and town there are tons of used car lots with signs that say “we buy cars” but this can also be a tough challenge. These folks are experts at showing you why your car isn’t worth what you think it is and how they bought a car just like yours for a cheaper price yesterday. These fast-talkers love bartering and customers don’t usually win the battle and eventually sell the car because they need the cash fast.

At Cash for Car San Francisco, we know our cars and we are honest, reliable and trustworthy and because we specialize in purchasing cars from private parties you can expect top dollar for your vehicle—even if it’s not in the best of condition. Our San Francisco appraisers offer fair prices and great customer service. We don’t hide inside and involve you in our appraisal process to ensure you’re pleased and satisfied. Give us a call—we know you’ll be recommending us to all your friends and family!